Dr. Kallu C. Kalumiya

Professional Experience

Areas of Focus
• International Law (PUBLIC,PRIVATE and COMPARATIVE)
• International administrative law (UNITED NATIONS SYSTEM)
• International human rights law (REFUGEE LAW)
• International Humanitarian Law – International Criminal Court and Regional Tribunals
• Immigration and Employment Law
• East African Community Law


Dr. Kalumiya is one of Uganda’s most senior advocates and highly educated lawyers. He studied at the University of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), King’s College, Cambridge (United Kingdom) and the Harvard Law School (USA). He has taught law and politics at the universities of Makerere in Uganda, Nairobi in Kenya and Harvard in the USA. He enrolled as an advocate of the High Court of Uganda in 1971.
Prior to joining the United Nations as a legal officer in 1980, Charles worked as a Law Politics lecturer at the Universities of Nairobi and Harvard (the Kennedy School of Government). He subsequently worked for the United Nations for nearly 24 years in various senior postings in several parts of the world such as Washington, DC, Hong Kong, Stockholm, Johannesburg, Geneva and Monrovia.
He holds the distinction of having negotiated, and then established, the first UN presence in South Africa during its transition from the apartheid era to full democracy. As the chief of mission based in Johannesburg, he oversaw the repatriation and reintegration of South African exiles and in that capacity collaborated closely with South Africa’s future leaders, including Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki. Subsequently he served as a senior humanitarian envoy in West Africa, the Nordic and Baltic states, and Southern Africa. His last major operational engagement was as a regional director for the Angolan repatriation programme, while based in Pretoria, from 2002 to 2003.
As an international civil servant, Dr Kalumiya made a major contribution, both in writing and in action, to the improvement of United Nations administrative machinery of justice, having served as a member of the UNOG’s Joint Administrative Appeals Board for several years in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He also acted as UNHCR’s in-house general legal counsel for non-refugee legal matters. In that capacity, he was responsible for monitoring the organisation’s procurement contracts as secretary to the contracts committee.
He was also intimately involved, mainly as legal adviser, in the UNHCR’s major repatriation operations carried out in Western, Southern and Eastern Africa during the 1990s.
He took early retirement from the United Nations in 2005 to join KAA as a partner. His main areas of practice include public international law, international trade, investment law, administrative law and employment law. He sits on the boards of the Semiliki National Conservation Trust and of the Addis Ababa based African Humanitarian Action.



LLB (Hons)


University of East Africa, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

LLB (Hons) (Comparative Law)


Cambridge University, UK

LLM (International Investment Law)


Harvard University, USA

Doctor of Juridical Science (International Law)


Harvard University, USA

Higher School Certificate


Downing College Cambridge

Practice Areas

This department is headed by Dr. Kallu C. Kalumiya, formerly director for legal affairs with the United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland. The department focuses on advising clients on various legal issues that have an international law perspective, such as private international law or conflict of laws, cross border legal issues, intellectual property law, refugees and human rights law and international criminal justice. The department advises foreign corporations on anti-corruption legislation and collaborated with the World Bank on the Uganda Chapter of Doing Business 2009/2010.

Our Credit Management practice is headed by Dr. Kallu C. Kalumiya. The practice supports businesses in the management and recovery of their receivables portfolios. It specialises in serving debt notices, negotiating debt settlement or recovery options. We also provide legal action for recoveries and assist in negotiations with the Uganda Revenue Authority on write-offs for debts that cannot be recovered. The department also assists in the collection of VAT refunds from authorities in respect of unrecoverable debts. We have had considerable success in the management of a multi-billion Uganda Shilling receivables portfolio for UMEME Ltd, Uganda’s sole electricity distribution company, and have assisted the Civil Aviation Authority and Nile Breweries in bringing down their respective debt recovery portfolios.

Major Acadmeic Assignments

  • Tutorial Fellow, Makerere University KAMPALA (1970-1971).
  • Lecturer in Public International Law, University of Nairobi (1973-1975).
  • Lecturer on contemporary African Issues, Kennedy School of Government Harvard University, CAMBRIDGE (1978/1979).
  • Associate Professor (honorary), Makerere Univerisity (2011)

Major Organisational & International Assignments

  • Special responsibility for UNHCR relations with the O.A.U and N.L.M. (1986-89).
  • Member of United Nations Joint Administrative Appeals Board , Geneva (1986-90).
  • Chairman of appointments and promotions board for UNHCR (2001-2003).
  • Appointed by office of the Prime Minister, Uganda , to draft comprehensive refugee regulations for the implementation of the refugee act (2007).
  • Appointed by the World Bank to lead team of consultants on Uganda's refugee policy (2015).
  • Legal Protection officer for Southern Africa, UNHCR, (1979-1981).
  • Legal Admin, UNHCR Washington D.C. Office (1981-1985).
  • Chief of Southern Africa desk , UNHCR(1984-1989).
  • Senior Legal Counsellor, UNHCR Hong Kong Office (1989).
  • Principal Legal Advisor negotiating refugee repatriation programmes to Namibia (1988) and South Africa (1990).
  • Resident Chief Mission, for UNHCR in Johannesburg, South Africa (1991-1994).
  • Regional Reresentative of UNHCR Nordic and Bactic States , Stockholm (1997-2000).
  • Deputy Director of the Legal Protection Division, UNHCR, Geneva (2001-2003).
  • UNHCR's regional coordinator for Southern Africa, Pretoria, South Africa.