Our Energy, Mining, Environment and Natural Resources practice is headed by Hon. Elly Karuhanga, who is the current chairman of the Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum. He is assisted by David Mpanga and two senior associates: Isaac Newton Kyagaba and Dennis Otatiina.


The practice deals with licensing and regulatory matters and has experience of practicing environmental law in Uganda. The firm has undertaken numerous assignments involving Environmental Impact Assessments including advisory for the development of hydro power plants and solar farms and also ensuring that various projects comply with the environmental laws in Uganda.

Our firm is very capable and has acted as legal adviser to a number of renewable energy projects. Recent examples of projects where our firm has acted as legal adviser are:

We advised Arpe Limited in the Agago- Achwa 83MW hydro power project licensed by the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) and where we still act for the developer during project implementation;

The firm advised Muvumbe Hydro Limited which is owned by Vidullanka Plc in the Muvumbe Hydro Power Project, of 6.5MW licensed by the ERA and has also qualified for the Global Energy transfer Feed-In-Tarriff Program (GET FiT program);

KAA advised Hemas Power Limited Butama hydro power project of 5MW which has been licensed by ERA. We also advised the developer of the Achwa HPP3 project of 9.9MW, 7.6 MW and 5 MW on the process of acquiring a permit to conduct feasibility studies. The application for the GETFit program was lodged.

The firm also advised Solar Now which provides solar home systems to off- grid households mainly in rural Uganda.

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