ULS awards KAA “Upcoming Young Female Lawyer of the year”

KAA would like to extend congratulations and is proud to have one of its own, Pearl Nyakabwa recognized by the Uganda Law Society who awarded her the Upcoming Young Female Lawyer of the year  award at the “Women in Law Awards” organized by the Uganda Law society. The Uganda Law Society’s Female Lawyers’ Committee held the third annual  “Women in Law Awards” Dinner on 29th September 2016 at the Serena Hotel Kampala.

The Female Lawyers Committee of the Uganda Law Society was established to assist women in the legal profession to enhance their professional opportunities; to develop business and professional confidence for women in the legal profession; to recognize women who have achieved professional excellence in any field of law and to provide a forum for networking, education, mentoring and information sharing for women in the legal profession.

The awards are aimed at recognizing women in the legal fraternity who have distinguished themselves in different sectors including but not limited to; Academia, public and private legal practitioners, human rights and corporate counsels who have improved the standing of women as a whole in Uganda and beyond.

The event was meant to highlight, recognize and reward the accomplishments of exceptional female lawyers who have challenged, influenced or changed the practice of law, women who have pushed boundaries, excelled in the legal profession, opened doors for other women and inspired others to succeed and women who stand as inspirational and positive role models not only in the legal fraternity but for all women around the world. In addition, upcoming lawyers who are beginning to make their mark were recognized.

Female lawyers have not only been at the forefront in pushing for the growth of the rule of law but have been key facilitators in the legal and economic development of Uganda. These awards  serve not only to recognize their achievements but to encourage the next generation of female lawyers to build on these successes and emulate them.


There were eight categories where women in various fields of law were recognized for outstanding performance. In addition emphasis was made on how these women have influenced, inspired and mentored other women lawyers.  We also considered exemplary leadership skills within and outside the legal profession and their contribution to change in society within and outside Uganda. And years of experience in the legal field, 15 years was the average period considered save for the young lawyer, required age was a maximum of 5 years experience.


The nomination process was carried out by the Female Lawyers Committee after informally consulting among the members of the Uganda Law Society and its Secretariat, the Director of Public Prosecution, the Attorney General’s Chambers, the NGO Forum and other distinguished members of the public.


The final vote was a secret ballot by the voting committee, conducted independently by the world-renown and reputable audit and advisory firm of PWC (Pricewaterhousecoopers) and no member of the Female Lawyers Committee or the Uganda Law Society was privy to the final results. 

The winners were revealed and announced at a dinner at the Serena Hotel. The dinner is also part of Uganda Law Society’s annual social program and the Society hosted over 250 guests to witness the celebration of these distinguished female role models.

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