TDA tragedy rooted in lack of vision

The Uganda body politic has been presented by the spectacle of The Democratic Alliance (TDA). The tragedy of this alliance lies in total lack of vision for Uganda. This spectacle is the more amazing given that virtually all the top players in this scheme of things are seasoned politicians and lawyers.
The multiparty dispensation as it obtains in Uganda is well laid out in the Constitution and all the enabling laws including the Presidential Elections Act, the Parliamentary Elections Act, The Electoral Commission Act and all other laws in place to support the multiparty dispensation. It is a constitutional requirement that the internal organizations of a political party within the current multiparty system should conform to the democratic principles enshrined in the Constitution. In this endeavor, political parties have been registered and their constitutions are open to public democratic scrutiny. It has been satisfying to see political parties going through primaries to chose deserving party faithful who will hold party flags at various levels during the 2016 elections and holding delegates who will then sell the party presidential flags at various levels during the 2016 elections and holding delegates conferences to chose party presidential flag bearers who will then sell the party manifesto to the Uganda populace and present themselves as most worthy to lead this country over the next five years.
The tragedy of the TDA is that its body has no pretence at democratic structures within its fabric. It has no agreed manifesto and it is not known how its top organ is elected or how other Ugandans can seek to be elected to positions in that organization. Yet it is this undemocratic body which is supposed to choose who is going to be presented to the people of Uganda as the sole candidate representing the majority political parties! This body will therefore appoint or disappoint those party cadres who have been democratically by their party as the flag-bearer.
It is a structure which has the ability to appoint individuals who have no pretence whatsoever at having gone through any vetting process in their respective parties or even being members of any party at all. An individual who may be appointed by the TDA could be an independent and therefore with no pretence at having a Constitution which is available to be scrutinized by the people of Uganda to satisfy themselves that it conforms to the democratic principles as required by the constitution of Uganda or even verifiable structures which can stand legal or public scrutiny. This super structure of TDA is apparently a careful maneuver to outwit the Multiparty legal system currently obtained in Uganda and put in place something else with the capacity to impose on Ugandans an individual or individuals who have not satisfied the Democratic exactitudes of our Constitution and laws made there under in the current multiparty constitutional dispensation. It apparently would be no concern to the TDA that the person chosen be it an eminent person/independent or one of the Party leaders as a Flag bearer would have the option either to amalgamate all the various party manifestos, adopt some and choose others or even come up with his own in complete disregard to the individual party units under TDA.
Ugandans opted for a multiparty democracy and Ugandans deserve organized political parties whether in government or in the opposition. These parties ought not to lose sight of this supreme responsibility to Ugandans. (Newvision 30th Sept 2015)

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