Museveni wins law suit in London court

The British Court of Justice has ordered a London-based Ugandan journalist, Dr. Jesse Mashate, to stop making false claims against President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.
“Be an extended civil restraint order imposed on the claimant stopping him from applying for making any claims or applying for any orders against the defendant without the permission of the judge, and without notice,” the order read.
The court was dismissing a case in which Mashate had obtained a default judgment with orders compelling President Museveni to pay £57m (about sh232.6b) including accumulated interest from 2010 as compensation to him (Mashate) for loss of business. The court also refused Mashate permission to appeal against its orders.
In the November 4 ruling, Justice Seymour, QC, also rejected Mashate’s request to appeal against his judgment. The team defending President Museveni included Kampala-based lawyers Dr. Charles Kallu-Kalumiya, Peter Kabatsi  and Joseph Matsiko, all of Kampala Associated Advocates.
The judge also ordered Mashate not to sell Ugandan properties in London.
Mashate had dragged the President to the British court in London, initially, in his personal capacity as Museveni, claiming that he had breached a gentleman’s agreement   “evidenced in writing” to compensate him for his newspaper, The Weekend Digest, which the Ministry of Information and National Guidance had closed down in 1986.
However, according to the court record, which the New Vision saw, Mashate, later sued Museveni as the President of Uganda, while at some stage he also involved the Government of Uganda.
The court also ordered Mashate to pay £90,000 as costs of the case, with a breakdown of £50,000 to Museveni and £40,000 to Uganda Property Holdings (UPH) Limited, a company controlling the Uganda Government properties in the United Kingdom and elsewhere abroad.
Earlier, the court had heard that in 1986, the Government closed Mashate’s news bulletin, The Weekend Digest, published in Kampala.
It was also alleged that while attending the 1997 CHOGM business meeting in London, Museveni met Mashate and  allegedly promised to pay him (Mashate) $10m (£6.8m) as compensation for the banned  publication.
When Mashate realised the payment was not forthcoming, he sued the President in his personal capacity as Museveni and during all the proceedings, Museveni did not appear in court. Mashate applied and obtained a default judgment against Museveni.

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    • Emmanuel Florida, USA
      December 1, 2011, 11:41 am

      There is a good lesson to be learned here by Mr Mashate, Never ever hate your country of origin even if you ran away from it, home is always the best, never ever be corrupt minded and accuse others for being corrupt that was good justice served, Go back home and do something there which shows that you love your country instead of robbing it, well done the judge, and Mr Mashate and others stop those baseless accusations against Mr Museveni

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    • Joseph | birmingham
      December 1, 2011, 11:42 am


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    • Alexander | Dubai
      December 1, 2011, 11:43 am

      this is what all the so called Ugandans in diaspora do. They just always think things the other way round. Thanks God it has not taken place in Uganda they would have said Mzee have won the case cause of his power. Long live Kaguta,,,

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    • Geoff busingye | Dubai
      December 1, 2011, 11:44 am

      If that court was in uganda, they would have said judicery is under president Museveni”s shoes. Mashate was trying to obtain money by pretence, I wish he was here and be put in Luzira for some good years. Well done British courts of law. Ithink Mashate can think of another deal now, that one is a dead one.

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    • Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin
      October 5, 2012, 4:47 pm

      Mashate set a precedence that serving Heads of State or even VIP’s can be sued. Leaders should know that whatever promised they make be it verbal or written must be fulfilled. Mashete’s loss of this case doesnt mean that the action of his news paper closed down was justifiable and that M7 failure to fulfill his promise of “U$10m” to him is a good thing as a leader. Mashate didnt seek proper Legal guidelines and support but I cant out rule that he was wrong neither do is challenge the court of its decision, my issue will come back to the Government and the promise, you can still help out this man just like you’re doing to Luwero war victims.

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